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Earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan: Support the Relief Efforts

Posted by Lena Jansen on Apr 20, 2016 11:44:15 AM


Deadly 7,0 to 7,8 magnitude earthquakes struck Japan and Ecuador, leaving thousands homeless and in dire need of support. In response, some of our member international aid agencies have launched disaster responses on the ground, providing life-saving emergency relief. Here's how you can support the supporters.

1. Give

You can make a donation to the humanitarian appeals below:

2. Set up your own fundraiser

Many individuals, communities and companies have already started fundraising for Ecuador or Japan, here is an example.

On ammado.com, everyone can set up a fundraiser in a couple of minutes for the aid organization of their choice. It's easy and free of charge. Set up your own fundraiser to support relief efforts in Ecuador or Japan.

Click here for a list of non-profit organizations accepting donations in Ecuador.


3. Get your company involved

In the past few days, we have helped many companies set up dedicated fundraisers to support tax-efficient donations from employees around the globe.

If your company is looking to facilitate employee donations, we can help you set up a dedicated online fundraiser. Companies can also facilitate donations on their website, blog or intranet.

We are happy to help you set up a company fundraiser in aid of the people in Ecuador or Kumamoto Japan - just contact us.

It's also possible for companies to set up fundraisers themselves. This blog post shows how to set up a tax-efficient fundraiser step-by-step.


Music of David Bowie Concert Fundraising on Ammado in Support of Children's Charities

Posted by Lena Jansen on Mar 31, 2016 3:23:54 PM


On April 1st, Blondie and the Pixies take to the stage of Radio City Music Hall in New York City alongside Mumford and Sons and other leading performers in tribute to the legendary David Bowie, who passed away in January.

Fans from across the globe can access the live stream of this sold-out concert by making a minimum donation online through global donation platform Ammado.

The sold-out celebration event features up to 18 influential artists with a set-list devoted to classic Bowie songs. Tony Visconti, Bowie’s long-time producer/collaborator, has signed on to lead the house band.

The Music of David Bowie is the 12th event in Michael Dorf’s “music of” series, which raises funds for music education programs serving underprivileged kids. The concert will be streamed live with the help of the Melodic Caring Project, a non-profit organization that streams live concert events to children in their hospital rooms. Skype will support as global promotion partner.

“Due to unprecedented interest in the David Bowie memorial concert in Radio City, we have teamed up with Skype and ammado to stream the concert around the world, in return for a small donation to our charity partners,” the show’s organizers announced, along with a list of its music-education beneficiaries. “We suggest a minimum donation equivalent to $20 or £15.” Read more about the David Bowie tribute shows in this article from The New York Times.

Fans all over the world can now share in this unparalleled global event combining music and charity in the memory of David Bowie.

In a world first, fans from across the globe can access the live stream of this sold-out concert by making a minimum donation online. Donations will be will be accepted in 86 currencies, 12 languages, and all major payment methods and divided across nine benefitting charities, all of which work with children through music.

The ammado team is honoured to support this unique event. In the first hours after announcing the live-stream of the David Bowie tribute show, ammado has processed donations in 17 different currencies from fans in more than 20 countries across the globe.

The stream will begin at 8PM EST, 1AM GMT Friday April 1st 2016. To access the live stream of the sold-out concert, make your donation at www.musicofdavidbowie.com.

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More than 80 new Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies using ammado

Posted by Karsten Schulz on Dec 11, 2015 4:17:15 PM

During the General Assembly and the International Conference of the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) and Red Crescent (RCRC) Societies in December 2015 more than 80 National Societies (NS) have signed up to ammado. Now the RCRC is using ammado for online Fundraising in more than 140 countries. 

Using ammado unifies the online fundraising activities of all National Societies on a single platform and allows for a joint and global approach on Online Fundraising. This is especially useful for international appeals and corporate partnerships and allows the RCRC to response swiftly and jointly.

This article summarizes the key information for the 80 NS, who have just started to use ammado:


1) Registration and setup of a ammado profile:

Registration is done online here: https://www.ammado.com/signup/nonprofit. You need to create an account and enter your nonprofits registration details as well as you bank account. An email with a confirmation link will be sent to you during the registration.

If you want to hand over your ammado profile to a different person within your national society, please email support@ammado.com.

Once the registration is completed and approved by the ammado support team you can manage and edit your profile. First log in and then click on your default image ( np96.png ) to upload a profile Image (display size 192 x 96 px), a square Avatar (display size 96 x 96 px) and a banner image (960 x 250px)

 ammado ID: Every profile has a unique 6-digit ID. You can find it at the end of the URL of an ammado profile, for example the ID 172181 here:


If you have customized your ammado URL you can make the ID visible again by clicking on the little chain icon (chainicon.png) just above your banner image on the right.



2) Receiving donations through the "Giving Widget":

The "Giving Widget" is a portable donation tool and offers secure global donations in more than 80 currencies, and most major global and local payment methods. The widget will open up in the language of the user based on the users IP address (and if it is one of ammado's supported languages).


on ammado: People can donate to a National Society by clicking on <donate> on its ammado profile. This will open the "Giving Widget" as an overlay to the site. The link to the ammado profile (i.e. https://www.ammado.com/nonprofit/172484) or straigt to the "Giving Widget" (https://www.ammado.com/nonprofit/172484/donate) can be shared everywhere online. The ammado ID (in this example 172484) just needs to be changed to present the desired National Society.

on a website: The "Giving Widget" can also be embedded into the website of a National Society to receive donations. Just copy and paste this code and replace the ID (in red) with the ID of the National Society to be presented:

<div id="ammadoGivingWidget"></div><script type="text/javascript">var s = document.createElement('script'); s.type='text/javascript'; s.async=true;s.src='https://www.ammado.com/nonprofit/172484/givingwidget/embed.js?renderTo=ammadoGivingWidget';var f = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; f.parentNode.insertBefore(s, f);</script>

Click here to further customize the widget (when logged in): https://www.ammado.com/getgivingwidget (Read more)

on Facebook: First log on to Facebook as the admin of your Facebook page and Double-check that your organisation is listed as Nonprofit on Facebook (if not, click <About>, change the "Category" to be <Companies & Organisations: Non-profit Organisation> from the drop down menu) and click on the <Create Call to Action>


Next choose <Donate Now> as a button from the drop down menu and insert your ammado URL with /donate at the end, i.e. https://www.ammado.com/nonprofit/172484/donate. Make sure you use the ammado ID (in red) of the National Society you want to present. (Read more)


3) Reports and Tax receipts

Donations received can be viewed on ammado under <Donations> then <Donations Statement>. A more detailed report can be downloaded on this page as well. (Read more).

Donors can request a tax receipt at the end of their donations or later by clicking on a link in the confirmation email they received. These requests are earmarked in the download version of the donations statement. National Societies can import this into their Donor Management System and issue the receipts. However ammado can issue tax receipts on behalf of National Societies. Tax receipts will then be emailed in a standardized receipt template, whereby you can add some custom text to each receipt and a signature file. Details and examples described here. Contact support@ammado.com to activate this feature for future donations (not past donations).

ammado will transfer the money periodically and all payout details are visible under <Donations> then <payment history>.























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The Easy Way to Do Charity Gifts Globally

Posted by Peter Conlon on Oct 27, 2015 7:43:43 PM

As the season of giving approaches, there's an opportunity for charities to capture a new pool of donations through the gifts given by corporates and individuals. It can be costly for charities to produce their own gift catalog. Even those with the resources to do so nationally may not be able to cater for international buyers. ammado has made it really easy for charities to offer a gift that works globally and that benefits their own projects and campaigns.

ammado Donation Gift Cardammado Donation Gift Cards can be purchased and sent online in over 80 currencies and enable the receiver to donate the gift to the cause of their choice. We’ve now extended Donation Gift Cards for nonprofits, so that they can sell gift cards to their supporters, which can only be redeemed against (i.e. donated to) projects or campaigns of their choice. For example a children’s charity might offer gift cards where the receiver can choose to support their projects in Vietnam, Honduras, Bolivia or Uganda. An environmental nonprofit could give the choice between the assorted conservation projects they have for different species, like endangered Rhinos, Tigers and Sharks.

Nonprofits have a relationship with existing donors and supporters but these also purchase all types of gifts for family, friends, employees, customers and so on. By offering supporters the ability to purchase ‘their’ online Donation Gift Card, nonprofits dual multiple benefits:

  1. A new source of funds
  2. An exponential increase in their supporter network as the redeemer of the original donors gift card will usually share their contact information with the nonprofit

A New and Potentially Enormous Pool of Donations

Global Gift Card Market Figures


Donation Gift Cards are attractive to nonproifts as they provide additional donations, particularly over the holiday season. By providing a really easy and user-friendly purchase, sending and redemption process ammado is helping nonprofits target the enormous corporate and consumer gift card market.

In the US alone the corporate gift card market is worth $22.7 billion and the consumer gift card market is projected to reach $134 billion in 2015. Redirecting even a portion of this market into gifts for good would have a huge impact on nonprofit causes.

A Donation Gift Card is meaningful gift that is widely appealing due to the choice given to the gift receiver. They are particularly attractive to companies as a means of communicating their social values to clients and employees. The simpler nonprofits can make it for companies and individuals to support their cause via gifts that are easy to access and distribute anywhere, the greater leap in donations they will see. ammado set up the gift cards for nonprofits and the purchase process is automated, so the only thing nonprofits need to do is market the gifts to their supporters.

How it works

Choice is important for engaging the receiver and educating them on your activities. Pick the 3, 5, or however many projects/campaigns you wish to include as choices for your Donation Gift Cards. Each one will need it's own fundraising page on ammado. These take 2 minutes to set up at ammado.com/startfundraising.

Once you have your choice of projects in place, simply contact us (support {at} ammado {dot} com) with the links to the fundraising pages of the projects. We will set you up with a purchase tool, that you can either take and paste into your own website or we can provide the purchase tool to you in a landing page, like this example for the Red Cross: http://go.ammado.com/giftcards-rcrc-buy

Donation Gift Card - Purchase and Redemption ToolsYou'll see in this mock up example that Gift Cards purchased through this tool can only be used to the projects selected by the Red Cross. In this case the receiver can choose between the various current disaster appeals where the Red Cross is responding, plus the option of an unrestricted donation to the IFRC.

A company or individual can purchase Gift Cards in over 80 currencies. Once they have done so they can send the gift cards online through ammado or choose to print for physical gifts. Gift receivers will then be able to redeem the gift card at ammado.com, where they will only be able to choose between the project/campaign choices you have offered them.

For Nonprofits the Effort is Really Only the Marketing

ammado takes care of the set up, plus the purchase and redemption processes for the gift cards. Nonprofits simply have to communicate with their supporters as they would with regular campagins.We suggest an initial launch email to your corporate and individual supporter base, along with monthly email reminders and social media posts for best results.

With the season of giving approaching, nonprofits can attract a portion of the gift market without any complex physical or e-commerce offerings. Simply contact us and we will have you up and running with your own Donation Gift Card offering within one day.


Launch your Marathon Fundraiser in 90 seconds

Posted by Lena Jansen on Sep 1, 2015 7:17:49 PM


The best reasons to launch your own marathon fundraiser are the impact it will have on your favourite cause, the extra motivation it might give you and all the fun you’ll have while making a difference. With ammado, you can start fundraising in like 90 seconds if you follow the simple steps explained below. I challenge you to set a timer and try it today. Are you ready?

10 seconds Go to micoach.adidas.com. Click on the “Start Your Fundraiser” button.

20 seconds Find the nonprofit you want to support and select it to be the beneficiary of your marathon fundraiser.

40 seconds Fill in some details: your name, email, country. Choose a name for your fundraiser and select the display currency. If you want to set a target amount, you can do it here.

10 seconds You can add an automated thank you-message to your donors. That’s it, you have created your own marathon fundraiser - in just 80 seconds! So in the remaining

10 seconds, please accept the invitation to moderate your fundraising page by following the link in the email we'll send you. This is optional if you want to make edits to your fundraiser and review the status.

Getting the most from your Marathon Fundraising Page

All done! Did you manage to set it all up in 90 seconds? Great!

If it took you a little bit longer, maybe you tried to start a fundraiser for a nonprofit but you couldn’t find the one you were looking for? Then it is likely that the nonprofit you are interested in has not registered yet on ammado for donations. ammado has over 1.5 million nonprofits available for fundraising efforts and more are joining each day. To invite a nonprofit to ammado, simply send it an email with the text and links here.

Editing and updating your marathon fundraiser

You can edit and update your fundraising page on ammado. It contains lots of ways to share the stories of your adventure and get people excited about donating. 

1_Fundraiser_in_90_seconds_-_log_inContent is easy to add and edit using the “Add”, “Edit” and “Change Picture” links beside pictures, videos, articles and texts.


Keeping track of donations

When someone makes a donation to your fundraiser, they will be sent an automatic email confirming the details of their donation. These details will all be summarized in your online fundraising statement. Your fundraising statement is located under the Fundraising tab. You can also access it by clicking “Statement” under the Fundraising heading in the Profile page.


Accessing comments

Comments made by your donors will be visible in “Latest Updates” on your main fundraising profile page for the most recent donations made. They are found in your downloadable donation statement with the rest of the details of your donations.

Email notifications of donations

You can choose to receive an email notification of all donations made to your fundraiser. These and other notification options can be managed under your Settings. To access settings, roll over your name in the top right corner of the site as shown below and choose “Settings” and then “Notifications”.


Creating your own marathon fundraiser is only the first chapter of your marathon fundraising success story. Letting the world know why you do what you do is key, so next week we’ll be back with some tips on how to tell your story and promote your marathon fundraiser with useful and free ammado tools. If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, let us know. Need help with ammado’s fundraisers? Please email support@ammado.com.

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Facebook donate button for nonprofits

Posted by Karsten Schulz on Aug 31, 2015 11:26:00 AM

Facebook has rolled out a donate button for nonprofits which provides high flexibility. Here is how to set this up with your ammado account.


Facebook now allows nonprofits to put up a donate button on their Facebook page (see article on Mashable). Unlike similar previous options that were restricted to organisations in the US or tied to certain payment methods, this time the donate button is basically just a link to any external website. This is a remarkable openness given Facebook's ambition to tie users to their own platform and it gives social causes the flexibility to use their own existing backend to process the donations.

Mobile donations are key

As most traffic on Facebook is via mobile devices, it is critical to provide a donation experience that works on mobile, too. However the online donation pages of most organisations are not optimized for mobile and often present the user with long forms.

ammado's donation tool provides a single link that automatically takes the user straight to the optimized donation experience for desktops and mobile devices and offers a very advanced backend for the nonprofits to manage the donations received. By adding "/donate" to the nonprofits URL on ammado (i.e. https://www.ammado.com/nonprofit/soschildren), the donation widget will be always be presented straight away: https://www.ammado.com/nonprofit/soschildren/donate.

Here is how to set this up on Facebook in only 2 steps:

1) Double-check that your organisation is listed as Nonprofit on Facebook (if not, click <About>, change the "Category" to be <Companies & Organisations: Non-profit Organisation> from the drop down menu) and click on the <Create Call to Action>



2) Next choose <Donate Now> as a button from the drop down menu and enter your ammado URL with /donate at the end.


Done. The Button will display on your Facebook page and you can (or actually have to) promote it and view the stats.



This is what it looks like for the donors: 



Facebook donations are a free, easy and yet powerful tool for social causes to unite the communication power of Facebook with the donation management power of ammado. Contact us if you need support and share your experience with us on ammado on Facebook.




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Sponsoring Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: More Impact for Corporate Giving

Posted by Karsten Schulz on Aug 26, 2015 10:58:00 AM


Most companies understand the value of corporate giving, both for the social causes as well as for the company itself. Companies have started to use their donation budget to match employee giving, i.e. in case of disaster appeals like after the recent Nepal Earthquake. This is already doubling the social impact of the company's donation by using it as an incentive for employees to donate.

Social Benefit and Employee Engagement Simultaneously.

Sponsoring Peer-to-Peer fundraising has been adopted into the engagement strategy of many companies, given its efficient ability to demonstrate support of customer/employees and nonprofits simultaneously.

Like nonprofits using Peer-to-Peer Fundraising (or "Person-to-Person Fundraising" or "P2P") to drive donations, companies can do the same by using the company's contribution as incentive for employees to start fundraising. This multiplies the social benefits as well as the employee engagement from corporate giving.

Employees might choose to link their fundraising campaign to a personal challenge (for example sports or fitness), a personal commitment (i.e. volunteering) or link it to a corporate event or (CSR-)campaign, which adresses even more company objectives at the same time. This creates credible stories and content the company can use to engage with employees and customers. Sharing these stories across the company's network will activate and inspire more individuals about the joint social contribution.


Setting up an Online Fundraiser Event in 1 Minute

ammado often builds dedicated fundraising events pages for company branded campaigns (examples: Societe Generale, adidas micoach). Now, ammado has made the core of this technology available to companies in an "off-the-shelf offering" without any development time or technical effort.

The set up of a fundraiser can now be made directly available in a company's website or intranet in form of a widget, which captures all the information required and completes fundraiser set up in 1 minute.

Try this demo:




Also see this demo page with the widget embedded.


The user will get an email with a link to further edit and promote his fundraiser, which is hosted on ammado. The company, as owner of the campaign, can also see and manage all the fundraisers set up via the widget on its website or Intranet and track the overall progress.


Sponsoring used as Kick-Start for Fundraisers

To give people an extra reason to get going, the company can sponsor the fundraisers, by making an initial contribution of, say, 25 EUR to every fundraiser to kick-start their fundraising journey.


The company's contribution is recognised on each fundraising page, gaining visibility as the fundraisers promote it through their network. The company donation will still go to the nonprofit ultimately, but along the way it will help to drive fundraising, "kick-start" the users and ignite the viral effect of P2P-Fundraising even more.



To set this up for your company you need to be registered as company on ammado (its free) and then contact us to

get Fundraising Widget  





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Employee Fundraising Events - How to Maximise Impact and Engagement

Posted by Peter Conlon on Aug 24, 2015 4:00:00 PM

employee fundraising events

Employee Fundraising events have grown in popularity given their ability to both increase the funds raised for company charity partnerships, and to actively engage employees in company campaigns. They are a real opportunity to inspire and challenge employees and increase the benefits all round - for employees, the company and the beneficiaries. Here we look at tips for your planning, to spread the impact and engagement of your events.


1. Global Campaigns Unite Employees

Cause campaigns are recognised as effective way of connecting employees cross-border around company values. Understood across the globe, they unite colleagues with a collective goal and give them the opportunity to participate in "something bigger". While you may have great and engaging campaigns in certain countries, global campaigns ultimately present all colleagues with a chance to contribute to a collective goal and share in collective achievement.

Global campaigns do have an added degree of complexity in terms of currencies and tax-efficiency, but ammado has an easy to use tool for you to overcome all of these. See here how you can set up a global tax-efficient fundraiser in minutes - be it for 1 global nonprofit with local organisations in multiple countries, or multiple local nonprofits around a similar cause e.g. homelessness.


2. Choice Increases Engagement

Choice employee fundraisingAs a company, working with strategic nonprofits has many benefits in terms of results and focus. But employees will of course have their own favorite causes that they wish to support. Empowering people with choice always drives the level of campaign engagement. Offering a choice of causes under a common theme has been a useful engagement mechanism for the companies we work with - allowing colleagues to choose the cause that appeals to them while still feeding into a bigger objective.


3. Welcome Everyone

Physical events are brilliant for employee participation and motivation. But realistically, running physical events in multiple locations is not an option for many companies due to the resources involved. 

Online tools give companies new ways to leverage an event in HQ for their employees around the globe. Take the example of a major beverage company we work with. For the past few years, it has organised a charity run in its HQ country to support an ongoing water project. This year they are widening the reach - leveraging the event to encourage employees from all locations to take on their own challenges, and providing a platform for international employees to raise funds for the same project.

Other companies have started using apps to leverage such events. For example if an employee in a distant location can't take part in a company-organised 5K run, groups of colleagues can still challenge themselves using running apps to measure the distance. Companies can encourage and celebrate such initiatives, expanding the reach of their physical events.


4. Make it Easy to Support

It seems like common sense - but the easier you make it to participate, the more employees will participate. Events and campaigns should offer a number of ways for employees to get involved. For example, not all employees will be comfortable joining a charity run or bike ride, but may happily organise a bake sale for the cause.

Clear and helpful communications will have a big effect on the success of any campaign. Equip your colleagues with fundraising ideas and content to help them tell the story of the cause.


5. Incentives Grow Fundraising Totals

People always give more and more people give when there is an incentive from the company. Matched giving is a recognised way of boosting fundraising totals. If matching a potentially significant fundraising total is a daunting prospect you could offer to sponsor individual participants with a set donation. This will increase the number of participants within a tighter potential matching budget.

ammado has a very cool new tool to enable you to sponsor individuals without any admin! Contact us for a demo.


A Dedicated Portal to Communicate and Celebrate Fundraising Events

ammado has worked with many brands in the past number of years to provide a dedicated global platform for their fundraising events. Companies have increased their fundraising totals by as much as 150% of target while reducing the admin of previous years. If you're planning an event or an ongoing campaign we'd be delighted to discuss where a dedicated platform might help!

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Top Reasons to Launch your own Marathon Fundraiser

Posted by Lena Jansen on Aug 21, 2015 3:29:00 PM


With the New York City, Chicago and Berlin Marathon just weeks away, athletes all over the world are preparing for 26.2 miles. Are you one of them? Have you thought about dedicating your race to a cause close to your heart? Here are our top reasons why you should launch your own marathon fundraiser today.

Reason #1: Impact

This year alone, Boston marathon runners have raised USD 28.3 million for 200 nonprofits. London marathon participants have broken the world record for one-day fundraising every year since 2007, supporting charities with over 50 million GBP in this year’s race alone for hundreds of causes. All those millions have been collected by peer-to-peer fundraising, which means people like you have asked people like your friends and family to donate to charities.

Sure, people give because they believe in the cause or are affected by it. They contribute because they are compassionate for those in need or like to give back to their community. But did you know that more often than any of the above, people say they donate because a friend asks them? Launching your own marathon fundraiser is an easy and engaging way to encourage your friends and family to give and make a difference. Individual online donations are EUR 107 on average, while fundraisers often collect more than EUR 1000 within a few months or even weeks.

By launching a marathon fundraiser, you can multiply your impact by asking for support from those around you.

Reason #2: Fun

Starting your own fundraiser is a fantastic way to use your talents and imagination. From dressing up like Queen Elizabeth to wearing nothing but a mankini, charity runners have raised money and awareness with their costumes. The most famous fundraiser running a marathon in costume is without a doubt Lloyd Scott. The former footballer had suffered from leukaemia in his late 20s completed the marathons in London, New York and Edinburgh wearing a 130lb deep-sea diving outfit in 2002 and 2003. In 2006, he ran London marathon wearing a full suit of armour and the 2008 event dressed as a 9ft robot.


Photo: Nils Jorgensen via The Guardian

Be creative – for some inspiration, have a look at these ideas and subscribe to our blog for marathon fundraiser tips in the next few weeks. Just enter your email in the field at the right hand side to subscribe.

Reason #3: Motivation

Launching a fundraiser for a challenge like running a marathon gives you a motivational boost – not just on the day of the event, but also during race preparation: “It gives you a great fillip as to why you’re going to do it. It’s not just about you running 26.2 miles. There’s all this money resting on you finishing,“ says Hugh Brasher, race director of the London marathon. Not to mention that changing your mind about participating is not an option anymore once you have enlisted supporters for your challenge and your cause.

Whether you are running 26.2 miles in Berlin, Chicago or New York City or participating in another athletic challenge: Knowing that your friends, family and co-workers all support you and your favourite cause might just give you that extra motivation when you need it.

Ready to launch your own marathon fundraiser? Do it today. We are happy to help.

Photo: Robert van der Wolk

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Give Peer-to-Peer Fundraising a Kick-Start

Posted by Karsten Schulz on Aug 19, 2015 3:39:00 PM

Peer-to-Peer (also called "P2P or "Person-to-Person") Fundraising is an effective way for nonprofits to take online fundraising to the next level. Asking supporters to "Start Fundraising" and reach out to their network of friends will deliver the call for donations to new donor segments. It will do so with special recommendation and a personal link to your supporters' friends, family and contacts.

More Donors, More Money, More Stories 

Typically, an online fundraiser collects 7-10 times the value of a direct donation from an individual to a cause and brings in very valuable new contacts that can be developed into ongoing supporters of a nonprofit.

Very often such fundraising campaigns are coupled with a personal challenge (for example sports or weight loss), a personal commitment (i.e. volunteering) or event (birthday or wedding). This creates stories and content the nonprofit can use to engage with its supporters and share in its network to activate and inspire more individuals to start a fundraising campaign.

Setting up an Online Fundraiser in 1 Minute

Most nonprofits have the capability to handle online donations on their website but don't offer a way to start an online Fundraiser for them. Hence this feature is sometime outsouced to an online Fundraising platform - a service ammado that ammado offers with global donations. (described here).

However, the set up of a fundraiser can now be made directly available in a nonprofit's website in form of a widget, which captures all the information required and completes fundraiser set up in 1 minute:


Also see this demo page with the widget embedded.

The user will get an email with a link to further edit and promote his fundraiser. The fundraiser is hosted on ammado, supporting global donations and online sharing functionality. The nonprofit as beneficiary can also manage the fundraiser set up via the widget on its homepage and track the overall progress of all campaigns.

Here comes the Kick

A sponsor, say one of the nonprofits corporate supporters or partners, can connect directly with the fundraisiers and donors by sponsoring the initial donation to their fundraising pages. A sponsor may wish to do this for their employees or they may be interested to make the offer to your individual supporters more widely.

In this example, Demo Company is making a 25 EUR donation to every fundraiser to kick-start the campaign created.


This brings brand benefits for the sponsor as their support is recognised on each fundraising page, gaining visibility as the fundraiser promotes it through their network. The company donation will still go to the nonprofit ultimately, but along the way it will help to drive fundraising, "kick-start" the users and ignite the viral effect of P2P-Fundraising even more.


To set this up as for a nonprofit, this organisation need to be registered as nonprofit on ammado (its free) and then contact support to

 request Fundraising Widget


Empower your supporters, enable donations from their friends everywhere and multiply the impact of all of this with kick-started sponsorship from partners... all this with just a few clicks!


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