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The Easy Way to Do Charity Gifts Globally

Posted by Peter Conlon on Oct 27, 2015 7:43:43 PM

As the season of giving approaches, there's an opportunity for charities to capture a new pool of donations through the gifts given by corporates and individuals. It can be costly for charities to produce their own gift catalog. Even those with the resources to do so nationally may not be able to cater for international buyers. ammado has made it really easy for charities to offer a gift that works globally and that benefits their own projects and campaigns.

ammado Donation Gift Cardammado Donation Gift Cards can be purchased and sent online in over 80 currencies and enable the receiver to donate the gift to the cause of their choice. We’ve now extended Donation Gift Cards for nonprofits, so that they can sell gift cards to their supporters, which can only be redeemed against (i.e. donated to) projects or campaigns of their choice. For example a children’s charity might offer gift cards where the receiver can choose to support their projects in Vietnam, Honduras, Bolivia or Uganda. An environmental nonprofit could give the choice between the assorted conservation projects they have for different species, like endangered Rhinos, Tigers and Sharks.

Nonprofits have a relationship with existing donors and supporters but these also purchase all types of gifts for family, friends, employees, customers and so on. By offering supporters the ability to purchase ‘their’ online Donation Gift Card, nonprofits dual multiple benefits:

  1. A new source of funds
  2. An exponential increase in their supporter network as the redeemer of the original donors gift card will usually share their contact information with the nonprofit

A New and Potentially Enormous Pool of Donations

Global Gift Card Market Figures


Donation Gift Cards are attractive to nonproifts as they provide additional donations, particularly over the holiday season. By providing a really easy and user-friendly purchase, sending and redemption process ammado is helping nonprofits target the enormous corporate and consumer gift card market.

In the US alone the corporate gift card market is worth $22.7 billion and the consumer gift card market is projected to reach $134 billion in 2015. Redirecting even a portion of this market into gifts for good would have a huge impact on nonprofit causes.

A Donation Gift Card is meaningful gift that is widely appealing due to the choice given to the gift receiver. They are particularly attractive to companies as a means of communicating their social values to clients and employees. The simpler nonprofits can make it for companies and individuals to support their cause via gifts that are easy to access and distribute anywhere, the greater leap in donations they will see. ammado set up the gift cards for nonprofits and the purchase process is automated, so the only thing nonprofits need to do is market the gifts to their supporters.

How it works

Choice is important for engaging the receiver and educating them on your activities. Pick the 3, 5, or however many projects/campaigns you wish to include as choices for your Donation Gift Cards. Each one will need it's own fundraising page on ammado. These take 2 minutes to set up at ammado.com/startfundraising.

Once you have your choice of projects in place, simply contact us (support {at} ammado {dot} com) with the links to the fundraising pages of the projects. We will set you up with a purchase tool, that you can either take and paste into your own website or we can provide the purchase tool to you in a landing page, like this example for the Red Cross: http://go.ammado.com/giftcards-rcrc-buy

Donation Gift Card - Purchase and Redemption ToolsYou'll see in this mock up example that Gift Cards purchased through this tool can only be used to the projects selected by the Red Cross. In this case the receiver can choose between the various current disaster appeals where the Red Cross is responding, plus the option of an unrestricted donation to the IFRC.

A company or individual can purchase Gift Cards in over 80 currencies. Once they have done so they can send the gift cards online through ammado or choose to print for physical gifts. Gift receivers will then be able to redeem the gift card at ammado.com, where they will only be able to choose between the project/campaign choices you have offered them.

For Nonprofits the Effort is Really Only the Marketing

ammado takes care of the set up, plus the purchase and redemption processes for the gift cards. Nonprofits simply have to communicate with their supporters as they would with regular campagins.We suggest an initial launch email to your corporate and individual supporter base, along with monthly email reminders and social media posts for best results.

With the season of giving approaching, nonprofits can attract a portion of the gift market without any complex physical or e-commerce offerings. Simply contact us and we will have you up and running with your own Donation Gift Card offering within one day.


Employee Fundraising Events - How to Maximise Impact and Engagement

Posted by Peter Conlon on Aug 24, 2015 4:00:00 PM

employee fundraising events

Employee Fundraising events have grown in popularity given their ability to both increase the funds raised for company charity partnerships, and to actively engage employees in company campaigns. They are a real opportunity to inspire and challenge employees and increase the benefits all round - for employees, the company and the beneficiaries. Here we look at tips for your planning, to spread the impact and engagement of your events.


1. Global Campaigns Unite Employees

Cause campaigns are recognised as effective way of connecting employees cross-border around company values. Understood across the globe, they unite colleagues with a collective goal and give them the opportunity to participate in "something bigger". While you may have great and engaging campaigns in certain countries, global campaigns ultimately present all colleagues with a chance to contribute to a collective goal and share in collective achievement.

Global campaigns do have an added degree of complexity in terms of currencies and tax-efficiency, but ammado has an easy to use tool for you to overcome all of these. See here how you can set up a global tax-efficient fundraiser in minutes - be it for 1 global nonprofit with local organisations in multiple countries, or multiple local nonprofits around a similar cause e.g. homelessness.


2. Choice Increases Engagement

Choice employee fundraisingAs a company, working with strategic nonprofits has many benefits in terms of results and focus. But employees will of course have their own favorite causes that they wish to support. Empowering people with choice always drives the level of campaign engagement. Offering a choice of causes under a common theme has been a useful engagement mechanism for the companies we work with - allowing colleagues to choose the cause that appeals to them while still feeding into a bigger objective.


3. Welcome Everyone

Physical events are brilliant for employee participation and motivation. But realistically, running physical events in multiple locations is not an option for many companies due to the resources involved. 

Online tools give companies new ways to leverage an event in HQ for their employees around the globe. Take the example of a major beverage company we work with. For the past few years, it has organised a charity run in its HQ country to support an ongoing water project. This year they are widening the reach - leveraging the event to encourage employees from all locations to take on their own challenges, and providing a platform for international employees to raise funds for the same project.

Other companies have started using apps to leverage such events. For example if an employee in a distant location can't take part in a company-organised 5K run, groups of colleagues can still challenge themselves using running apps to measure the distance. Companies can encourage and celebrate such initiatives, expanding the reach of their physical events.


4. Make it Easy to Support

It seems like common sense - but the easier you make it to participate, the more employees will participate. Events and campaigns should offer a number of ways for employees to get involved. For example, not all employees will be comfortable joining a charity run or bike ride, but may happily organise a bake sale for the cause.

Clear and helpful communications will have a big effect on the success of any campaign. Equip your colleagues with fundraising ideas and content to help them tell the story of the cause.


5. Incentives Grow Fundraising Totals

People always give more and more people give when there is an incentive from the company. Matched giving is a recognised way of boosting fundraising totals. If matching a potentially significant fundraising total is a daunting prospect you could offer to sponsor individual participants with a set donation. This will increase the number of participants within a tighter potential matching budget.

ammado has a very cool new tool to enable you to sponsor individuals without any admin! Contact us for a demo.


A Dedicated Portal to Communicate and Celebrate Fundraising Events

ammado has worked with many brands in the past number of years to provide a dedicated global platform for their fundraising events. Companies have increased their fundraising totals by as much as 150% of target while reducing the admin of previous years. If you're planning an event or an ongoing campaign we'd be delighted to discuss where a dedicated platform might help!

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City Giving Day - Ideas to showcase your charity activities

Posted by Peter Conlon on Jul 27, 2015 5:53:00 PM


On the 30 September 2015, the Lord Mayor's City Giving Day returns to London celebrating the best of Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy in the City. Lord Mayor Alan Yarrow will be walking the streets of the Square Mile meeting people and organisations "to hear their inspiring and powerful stories and celebrate their achievements". The Lord Mayor is calling on companies across the City of London to get involved and those that register to participate before July 31st will be automatically entered in a draw with the opportunity to have the Lord Mayor visit their offices on City Giving Day.

City Giving Day Ideas

City Giving Day is a great opportunity to highlight the charitable initiatives in your company and to build interest and momentum amongst staff and customers. Here are our 4 top ideas to help you maximise your CSR activities for City Giving Day:

1. Celebrate City Giving Day with a Gift to Clients that Celebrates your Charity Activities

City Giving Day is an ideal occasion to speak with clients about what your company is doing in the community. What better way to engage clients than to thank them for their business and empower them to support your community projects?

ammado Donation Gift Cards enable you to do both at once - a thank you gift for clients that can be donated to their choice of a selection of causes defined by you.

Simply choose the causes you wish to support. You can buy Gift Cards for any denomination online and send to clients digitally or physically. The client gets to choose which cause/causes appeals to them. Subject to data protection, you can see to what causes the gift cards have been given and share overall impact easily from automatic online reports.


Find out more or purchase here!


2. Encourage your Network to Participate in a City Giving Day Fundraiser

Setting up an online fundraiser can be done in seconds and is an easy way to engage both employees and customers in your charitable activities. You can fundraise for your exisiting charity partners, or for the Lord Mayor suggested charities like Mencap and Scope.

International employees will also be able to participate through ammado's global giving tools. You can even facilitate donations on your website or intranet through ammado's portable donation tool, the ammado Giving Widget.

Get started with an online fundraiser!


3. Offer to Match Employee or Customer Donations on City Giving Day

Matching donations is an effective way of both demonstrating your company's commitment to the cause and boosting overall giving. For the week of City Giving Day your company can ramp up contributions by offering to match donations within a defined limit.

In less than 10 mins, your company can have it's own online matching facility with a defined selection of charities and any limits set by the company: for example, a limit per donor, a limit per donation or a limit overall. Individuals can make online donations and a corresponding donation is automatically made by the company. The company match will be pending until it's reviewed and all donations can be matched with one single invoice from ammado, reducing your admin to a few clicks.

Our support team can help you set up a matching programme or answer any questions!


4. Support Employee Fundraising Campaigns

Encouraging employees to take on their own fundraising challenges will vastly multiply the funds raised as part of City Giving Day. ammado can provide personal fundraising pages for each of your employees and track overall funds raised. You can even opt to support employees with an individual donation to get them started! ammado can do this automatically for you and recognises your support on the employee's fundraising page as they promote it to their social networks.

Contact us to help you set up an employee fundraising campaign!


City Giving Day is an occasion to celebrate your efforts in the community alongside your peers in the City of London. These ideas will help you raise more and grow awareness of your CSR activities amongst your employees and customers alike.

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Setting up a Global Tax-efficient Fundraiser

Posted by Peter Conlon on Apr 27, 2015 12:04:45 PM

ammado offers the ability to fundraise globally and to split donations by country to enable maximum tax-efficiency for donors.

Any organisation can run one global campaign with one global total and one facility to donate, which supports 84 currencies and multiple languages and payment methods. The general rule with tax is that if you donate to a charity that is registered in the country where you pay tax there will be some tax benefit. If you donate to a charity outside this country there won't be. Here we show how ammado's tax-efficient fundraisers work and how to set one up step-by-step.

How it works

As shown in the example below, ammado's fundraising technology can split donations by country. For example, the system recognises that the 1st donor is from Japan. It thus appears in Japanese with YEN as the currency and this donation benefits the Japanese charity (Save the Children Japan in this example), making the donation tax-efficient. The German donor's donation benefits Save the Children Germany, the Swiss, Save the Children Switzerland and so on.

Global, tax-efficient fundraising


How to set it up

1. Visit https://www.ammado.com/startfundraising

Here you will be asked to Sign Up or Log In. 

Log In: You go straight to set up (step 2)

Sign Up: You must 1st create an ammado account to set up your fundraiser

Across the top, click on the correct entity that describes you - individual, nonprofit or company

Fill in the relevant details required and confirm your account by email as instructed.


2. Pick your beneficiaries

First you can search for your chosen beneficiaries by clicking "Search nonprofits" e.g. Save the Children:


Tick each Save the Children that you wish to include in your campaign. In this example I choose USA, Canada, India and Switzerland.

Recommendation: We suggest you only include charities that have launched an appeal for this particular cause/disaster. For example, Save the Children USA might be responding to a particular disaster whereas Save the Children Dominicana is not. 


 3. Split donations by country

(i) Click to see your "Selected Nonprofits"

(ii) Click on "By Country" to split the donations by country as opposed to by percentage

(iii) Choose one of the charities as your "default beneficiary" - this is the charity that donations will benefit when a donation is made from a country that you have not specified. You might choose the International Body of the charity, or your local charity where you have the relationship.


4. Fill in the rest of your Fundraiser Details

  • Title
  • Avatar (image) - a square image works best here
  • Display Currency
  • Target Amount - if desired. Adding a target amount gives you a progress bar
  • End Date - if desired
  • Your Story - here you can describe the cause/why you are fundraising
  • Thank you message - this will be sent in the donation confirmation email that the donor receives from ammado
  • Hidden/Not - You can hide your fundraiser so it is not searchable. In this case only those with the link can access the fundraiser

All of these details can be edited at any time.


5. Click "Start Fundraising"

Your fundraiser is now live and you can share the link with people to donate. You can also use ammado's portable donation tool, the ammado Giving Widget to accept donations on your intranet, website or blog.


6. Making changes

You can make changes when logged in.

Add images: Click the where the purple arrows are

Edit Fundraising details: Click where the yellow arrows are


  • Change the text
  • Change or add beneficiaries
  • Hide the amount raised and more




7. Need Help?

If you would like help with setting up or changing fundraisers you can contact us here