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Facebook donate button for nonprofits

Posted by Karsten Schulz on Aug 31, 2015 11:26:00 AM

Facebook has rolled out a donate button for nonprofits which provides high flexibility. Here is how to set this up with your ammado account.


Facebook now allows nonprofits to put up a donate button on their Facebook page (see article on Mashable). Unlike similar previous options that were restricted to organisations in the US or tied to certain payment methods, this time the donate button is basically just a link to any external website. This is a remarkable openness given Facebook's ambition to tie users to their own platform and it gives social causes the flexibility to use their own existing backend to process the donations.

Mobile donations are key

As most traffic on Facebook is via mobile devices, it is critical to provide a donation experience that works on mobile, too. However the online donation pages of most organisations are not optimized for mobile and often present the user with long forms.

ammado's donation tool provides a single link that automatically takes the user straight to the optimized donation experience for desktops and mobile devices and offers a very advanced backend for the nonprofits to manage the donations received. By adding "/donate" to the nonprofits URL on ammado (i.e. https://www.ammado.com/nonprofit/soschildren), the donation widget will be always be presented straight away: https://www.ammado.com/nonprofit/soschildren/donate.

Here is how to set this up on Facebook in only 2 steps:

1) Double-check that your organisation is listed as Nonprofit on Facebook (if not, click <About>, change the "Category" to be <Companies & Organisations: Non-profit Organisation> from the drop down menu) and click on the <Create Call to Action>



2) Next choose <Donate Now> as a button from the drop down menu and enter your ammado URL with /donate at the end.


Done. The Button will display on your Facebook page and you can (or actually have to) promote it and view the stats.



This is what it looks like for the donors: 



Facebook donations are a free, easy and yet powerful tool for social causes to unite the communication power of Facebook with the donation management power of ammado. Contact us if you need support and share your experience with us on ammado on Facebook.




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