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Setting up a Global Tax-efficient Fundraiser

Posted by Peter Conlon on Apr 27, 2015 12:04:45 PM

ammado offers the ability to fundraise globally and to split donations by country to enable maximum tax-efficiency for donors.

Any organisation can run one global campaign with one global total and one facility to donate, which supports 84 currencies and multiple languages and payment methods. The general rule with tax is that if you donate to a charity that is registered in the country where you pay tax there will be some tax benefit. If you donate to a charity outside this country there won't be. Here we show how ammado's tax-efficient fundraisers work and how to set one up step-by-step.

How it works

As shown in the example below, ammado's fundraising technology can split donations by country. For example, the system recognises that the 1st donor is from Japan. It thus appears in Japanese with YEN as the currency and this donation benefits the Japanese charity (Save the Children Japan in this example), making the donation tax-efficient. The German donor's donation benefits Save the Children Germany, the Swiss, Save the Children Switzerland and so on.

Global, tax-efficient fundraising


How to set it up

1. Visit https://www.ammado.com/startfundraising

Here you will be asked to Sign Up or Log In. 

Log In: You go straight to set up (step 2)

Sign Up: You must 1st create an ammado account to set up your fundraiser

Across the top, click on the correct entity that describes you - individual, nonprofit or company

Fill in the relevant details required and confirm your account by email as instructed.


2. Pick your beneficiaries

First you can search for your chosen beneficiaries by clicking "Search nonprofits" e.g. Save the Children:


Tick each Save the Children that you wish to include in your campaign. In this example I choose USA, Canada, India and Switzerland.

Recommendation: We suggest you only include charities that have launched an appeal for this particular cause/disaster. For example, Save the Children USA might be responding to a particular disaster whereas Save the Children Dominicana is not. 


 3. Split donations by country

(i) Click to see your "Selected Nonprofits"

(ii) Click on "By Country" to split the donations by country as opposed to by percentage

(iii) Choose one of the charities as your "default beneficiary" - this is the charity that donations will benefit when a donation is made from a country that you have not specified. You might choose the International Body of the charity, or your local charity where you have the relationship.


4. Fill in the rest of your Fundraiser Details

  • Title
  • Avatar (image) - a square image works best here
  • Display Currency
  • Target Amount - if desired. Adding a target amount gives you a progress bar
  • End Date - if desired
  • Your Story - here you can describe the cause/why you are fundraising
  • Thank you message - this will be sent in the donation confirmation email that the donor receives from ammado
  • Hidden/Not - You can hide your fundraiser so it is not searchable. In this case only those with the link can access the fundraiser

All of these details can be edited at any time.


5. Click "Start Fundraising"

Your fundraiser is now live and you can share the link with people to donate. You can also use ammado's portable donation tool, the ammado Giving Widget to accept donations on your intranet, website or blog.


6. Making changes

You can make changes when logged in.

Add images: Click the where the purple arrows are

Edit Fundraising details: Click where the yellow arrows are


  • Change the text
  • Change or add beneficiaries
  • Hide the amount raised and more




7. Need Help?

If you would like help with setting up or changing fundraisers you can contact us here