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Top Reasons to Launch your own Marathon Fundraiser

Posted by Lena Jansen on Aug 21, 2015 3:29:00 PM

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With the New York City, Chicago and Berlin Marathon just weeks away, athletes all over the world are preparing for 26.2 miles. Are you one of them? Have you thought about dedicating your race to a cause close to your heart? Here are our top reasons why you should launch your own marathon fundraiser today.

Reason #1: Impact

This year alone, Boston marathon runners have raised USD 28.3 million for 200 nonprofits. London marathon participants have broken the world record for one-day fundraising every year since 2007, supporting charities with over 50 million GBP in this year’s race alone for hundreds of causes. All those millions have been collected by peer-to-peer fundraising, which means people like you have asked people like your friends and family to donate to charities.

Sure, people give because they believe in the cause or are affected by it. They contribute because they are compassionate for those in need or like to give back to their community. But did you know that more often than any of the above, people say they donate because a friend asks them? Launching your own marathon fundraiser is an easy and engaging way to encourage your friends and family to give and make a difference. Individual online donations are EUR 107 on average, while fundraisers often collect more than EUR 1000 within a few months or even weeks.

By launching a marathon fundraiser, you can multiply your impact by asking for support from those around you.

Reason #2: Fun

Starting your own fundraiser is a fantastic way to use your talents and imagination. From dressing up like Queen Elizabeth to wearing nothing but a mankini, charity runners have raised money and awareness with their costumes. The most famous fundraiser running a marathon in costume is without a doubt Lloyd Scott. The former footballer had suffered from leukaemia in his late 20s completed the marathons in London, New York and Edinburgh wearing a 130lb deep-sea diving outfit in 2002 and 2003. In 2006, he ran London marathon wearing a full suit of armour and the 2008 event dressed as a 9ft robot.


Photo: Nils Jorgensen via The Guardian

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Reason #3: Motivation

Launching a fundraiser for a challenge like running a marathon gives you a motivational boost – not just on the day of the event, but also during race preparation: “It gives you a great fillip as to why you’re going to do it. It’s not just about you running 26.2 miles. There’s all this money resting on you finishing,“ says Hugh Brasher, race director of the London marathon. Not to mention that changing your mind about participating is not an option anymore once you have enlisted supporters for your challenge and your cause.

Whether you are running 26.2 miles in Berlin, Chicago or New York City or participating in another athletic challenge: Knowing that your friends, family and co-workers all support you and your favourite cause might just give you that extra motivation when you need it.

Ready to launch your own marathon fundraiser? Do it today. We are happy to help.

Photo: Robert van der Wolk

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