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Music of David Bowie Concert Fundraising on Ammado in Support of Children's Charities

Posted by Lena Jansen on Mar 31, 2016 3:23:54 PM


On April 1st, Blondie and the Pixies take to the stage of Radio City Music Hall in New York City alongside Mumford and Sons and other leading performers in tribute to the legendary David Bowie, who passed away in January.

Fans from across the globe can access the live stream of this sold-out concert by making a minimum donation online through global donation platform Ammado.

The sold-out celebration event features up to 18 influential artists with a set-list devoted to classic Bowie songs. Tony Visconti, Bowie’s long-time producer/collaborator, has signed on to lead the house band.

The Music of David Bowie is the 12th event in Michael Dorf’s “music of” series, which raises funds for music education programs serving underprivileged kids. The concert will be streamed live with the help of the Melodic Caring Project, a non-profit organization that streams live concert events to children in their hospital rooms. Skype will support as global promotion partner.

“Due to unprecedented interest in the David Bowie memorial concert in Radio City, we have teamed up with Skype and ammado to stream the concert around the world, in return for a small donation to our charity partners,” the show’s organizers announced, along with a list of its music-education beneficiaries. “We suggest a minimum donation equivalent to $20 or £15.” Read more about the David Bowie tribute shows in this article from The New York Times.

Fans all over the world can now share in this unparalleled global event combining music and charity in the memory of David Bowie.

In a world first, fans from across the globe can access the live stream of this sold-out concert by making a minimum donation online. Donations will be will be accepted in 86 currencies, 12 languages, and all major payment methods and divided across nine benefitting charities, all of which work with children through music.

The ammado team is honoured to support this unique event. In the first hours after announcing the live-stream of the David Bowie tribute show, ammado has processed donations in 17 different currencies from fans in more than 20 countries across the globe.

The stream will begin at 8PM EST, 1AM GMT Friday April 1st 2016. To access the live stream of the sold-out concert, make your donation at www.musicofdavidbowie.com.

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Launch your Marathon Fundraiser in 90 seconds

Posted by Lena Jansen on Sep 1, 2015 7:17:49 PM


The best reasons to launch your own marathon fundraiser are the impact it will have on your favourite cause, the extra motivation it might give you and all the fun you’ll have while making a difference. With ammado, you can start fundraising in like 90 seconds if you follow the simple steps explained below. I challenge you to set a timer and try it today. Are you ready?

10 seconds Go to micoach.adidas.com. Click on the “Start Your Fundraiser” button.

20 seconds Find the nonprofit you want to support and select it to be the beneficiary of your marathon fundraiser.

40 seconds Fill in some details: your name, email, country. Choose a name for your fundraiser and select the display currency. If you want to set a target amount, you can do it here.

10 seconds You can add an automated thank you-message to your donors. That’s it, you have created your own marathon fundraiser - in just 80 seconds! So in the remaining

10 seconds, please accept the invitation to moderate your fundraising page by following the link in the email we'll send you. This is optional if you want to make edits to your fundraiser and review the status.

Getting the most from your Marathon Fundraising Page

All done! Did you manage to set it all up in 90 seconds? Great!

If it took you a little bit longer, maybe you tried to start a fundraiser for a nonprofit but you couldn’t find the one you were looking for? Then it is likely that the nonprofit you are interested in has not registered yet on ammado for donations. ammado has over 1.5 million nonprofits available for fundraising efforts and more are joining each day. To invite a nonprofit to ammado, simply send it an email with the text and links here.

Editing and updating your marathon fundraiser

You can edit and update your fundraising page on ammado. It contains lots of ways to share the stories of your adventure and get people excited about donating. 

1_Fundraiser_in_90_seconds_-_log_inContent is easy to add and edit using the “Add”, “Edit” and “Change Picture” links beside pictures, videos, articles and texts.


Keeping track of donations

When someone makes a donation to your fundraiser, they will be sent an automatic email confirming the details of their donation. These details will all be summarized in your online fundraising statement. Your fundraising statement is located under the Fundraising tab. You can also access it by clicking “Statement” under the Fundraising heading in the Profile page.


Accessing comments

Comments made by your donors will be visible in “Latest Updates” on your main fundraising profile page for the most recent donations made. They are found in your downloadable donation statement with the rest of the details of your donations.

Email notifications of donations

You can choose to receive an email notification of all donations made to your fundraiser. These and other notification options can be managed under your Settings. To access settings, roll over your name in the top right corner of the site as shown below and choose “Settings” and then “Notifications”.


Creating your own marathon fundraiser is only the first chapter of your marathon fundraising success story. Letting the world know why you do what you do is key, so next week we’ll be back with some tips on how to tell your story and promote your marathon fundraiser with useful and free ammado tools. If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, let us know. Need help with ammado’s fundraisers? Please email support@ammado.com.

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Angry Birds calls for gamers to support Nepal

Posted by Karsten Schulz on May 18, 2015 5:35:00 PM

Rovio, developers of the famous Angry Birds game, have launched a "Help Nepal Tournament" to raise funds for the Red Cross response in Nepal. 



Gamers playing "Angry Birds Friends" will see various calls to donate within the game during this week.



The users will then be able to contribute to the Help Nepal appeal through the ammado Giving Widget embeded on angybirds.com.


The Giving Widget provided by ammado automatically displays in the local language and currency. It enables gamers to give through the Nepal appeal of their local participating Red Cross society to ensure the tax benefit for the donor.

Rovio is also contribution 100k EUR from purchases within the Game.



Like the Airbnb appeal earlier, this is a great example of a company using its global network to raise awareness and funds publically to help the victims of Nepal's devastating earthquake.





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Leveraging the Power of Online Networks in Fundraising

Posted by Cli Conlon on Jan 13, 2015 10:53:00 AM

Recent major humanitarian crises like the Ebola Crisis and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, have seen charities partner with internet giants such as Facebook and Google to reach millions of potential donors with relief campaigns. As technology slashes the time and effort needed to realize such collaborations, the opportunities for organizations, and indeed individuals, to harness their influence for the greater good are exploding.

Here we compile 3 exciting campaigns where organizations, from an independent studio to a global tech giant, are leveraging their unique value and online networks to drive traffic and donations for worthy causes.

The Gaming App that Mobilised its Userbase in Ebola Relief

Plague Inc is a strategy video game created by independent game studio Ndemic Creations. Players create diseases with the goal of destroying the world with a deadly plague. In September and October of 2014, Plague Inc experienced a major growth surge, fueled by the international media spotlight on the Ebola crisis. Reaching a community of over 35 million players around the world, James Vaughan, Ndemic's founder, regonized the the power of this community to make a real difference.

"I do think that Plague Inc. is in a uniquely powerful position to significantly raise awareness of Ebola to well over 35 million people all over the world," Vaughan explained to Wired. Following a significant personal donation, Vaughan launched a campaign calling on Plague's community of players to make their own donations. 

Ebola fundraising

Ebola Fundraising


During the game players were presented with a pop up, giving them the opportunity to make a donation. Each player would only see this message once, but with 35 million users globally and about 4 million players each week that equated to a huge amount of potential donors. The campaign benefited major charities responding to the Ebola crisis including the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Médecins Sans Frontières and the Disasters Emergency Committee. Plague Inc used ammado's portable donation tool to facilitate donations and split donations by country, so that donors were giving to the chosen charity in their country.


As well as raising a huge amount of awareness, Plague Inc estimated that its global community raised $50,000 in 7 days for charities fighting Ebola. 


Online Video Gamers Uniting in a $100K Beat Cancer Charity Marathon

Armed with a collective aim of raising $100K for the American Cancer Society, a group of online video gamers embarked on a week long challenge. Kasper and Friends Quest for the Cause is an annual online video gaming charity marathon that brings together online video gaming talent to raise money for a cancer-related charity organization. 2014 marked the third year of the event, a collaboration between Twitch broadcasters and YouTubers, which has consistently raised its fundraising bar each year.

Video Gamers Fundraising

December's charity marathon lasted more than 168 hours and featured over 60 broadcasters and content producers providing non-stop entertainment and doing some silly things in an attempt to reach their fundraising target. The marathon was comprised of 3-hour live-streamed, gaming sessions where gamers undertook various challenges and offered intriguing incentives to donate; for example, taking Guitar Hero requests for a $5 donation. Some gamers even matched donations made during their shift.


Quest for the Cause attracted donations from all over the globe, which were facilitated and tracked using ammado's API. The campaign was hugely successful in the funds it raised and the social attention it generated. You can read some more and draw inspiration from their interesting use of digital and incentives for donations here.

SAP Engaging its Global Online Network in Fundraising

SAP was celebrating reaching milestone growth of its education platform openSAP, at around the same time the company had made a substantial donation to Doctors Without Borders Ebola Appeal. With a growing online community and course enrollments now standing at 500,000, the openSAP team was inspired by the idea of using SAP's corporate donation to kick-start an even greater response across its online network. 

SAP corporate fundraising

Following an internal company charity fundraiser to celebrate the growth of the platform, the openSAP team launched a campaign on its public website inviting users to make a make a donation to help Computer Aid International to bring ICT access to poor and disadvantaged communities and help Doctors Without Borders to provide medical aid in emergency situations like the Ebola Crisis. 

Funds can be donated online on the openSAP website or on the openSAP Facebook page through ammado's portable giving tools until the end of January.


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Useful free tools for digital fundraising

Posted by Cli Conlon on Sep 22, 2014 4:00:00 PM

I recently went to an insightful General Assembly and Eventbrite session on Digital Marketing for Events Professionals. Some of the free tools explored could be very effectively used for online fundraising. Here's an introduction to those we thought could be most useful for nonprofits.

1. Inform your content marketing with what's most talked about and shared on the web: Buzzsumo


Buzzsumo helps you discover the most shared content and key influencers on a particular topic. A quick search will indicate which content is working well and give you ideas of content relevant to your cause that you could be creating. You can also find out which of your contemporaries' or competitors' content is proving most popular.

Let's take an example of a cancer charity. To find out what are the most popular articles on "cancer research" for instance, I simply visit Buzzsumo and enter this into the search box. The results, as per the screenshot, will show me the most shared content and also the platforms it has been shared on. You can also filter the information to access what's most important to you.

Most popular content on "cancer research" 


You can also use the "Influencers" to get (and export) a list of those that are most influential, in terms of social media, on "cancer research". 

Influencers on "cancer research" 

Typing a website link into the search will show the content most popular from that site. For example searching cancer.org we can see that content on smoking followed by an article on breast cancer have been the most popular this year.

cancer.org popular articles

You may find Buzzsumo a useful source of inspiration for potentially popular or even viral content that you can create. Taking a look at skilled content marketing companies like Buzzfeed may also give you formulas for articles that you can write: e.g. 10 Celebrities that have Beaten Breast Cancer.


2. Create attention-grabbing images with Canva

Evocative images are a key element of any fundraising campaign and are incredibly important in social media. A recent statistic suggests that adding an image to your tweet will increase retweets by 94%. Images are also very important for mobile fundraising, which accounts for increasing numbers of donations.

Some tips from Alison Battisby were that people and unique images tend to preform best. Also if you're posting a great image of your own with a message, you should drop your logo into it giving your brand visibility whenever it's shared.


Canva is a great online tool for creating professional looking designs. It's super easy to use and allows you to create optimal images for various social media platforms as well as your own custom sizes. 

You can quickly create a Facebook cover image, adding in a call to action or donate link right into the image. Or design an eye-catching image to help promote a tweet. Canva's also really useful for branding your ammado profile and fundraising campaigns. For example, try it for our new cover images (960 x 250 pixels), which give prominence to your campaign messages. 


3. Identify the best times for Twitter marketing with Followerwonk


A really useful feature of Followerwonk is that you can see the times of day that your Twitter followers are most active and the times that you are most active. Ideally you should try to sync with your audience for maximum impact and schedule tweets when they are most likely to be browsing.



Followerwonk will also help you get a better picture of your Twitter followers breaking them down by location, gender and other segments.


Are you using any other free tools that have useful applications for online fundraising? Please share these in the comments or tweet us @ammado.

Enjoy trying these out!


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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising will multiply donations and donorbase

Posted by Karsten Schulz on Mar 25, 2014 8:22:00 AM

by Karsten Schulz

Thanks to online technology even small nonprofits can set up a website or Facebook page and add an online donations tool to it with very little effort. At the same time its still challenging for nonprofits to strike out, increase awareness and actually get donations.


Being online is not good enough. You have to ask!

To receive donations its not good enough to offer potential donors a way to donate online, you actually have to ask them ... several times. The most credible and convincing way to ask is through your existing supporters and donors. Their recommendation by setting up a fundraiser for a nonprofit, ideally underpinned by their commitment to complete a sporting or other (e.g. weight loss) challenge is a strong ask for donations. People in your supporters' networks are more likely to donate via a person they know and like than to most other "anonymous" calls for donations they receive.


Its like a bake sale: You need to promote the cake.

To make their fundraiser succesful your supporters have to create awareness and ask their own network to support them by blogging, tweeting, emailing and posting on social networks as much as possible. Again, all promotion should include a strong ask to actually donate.  


The network effect. Social.

While an average online donation on ammado is about 100 USD, the average individual fundraiser raises amounts above 1000 USD, with some fundraising totals going through the roof when campagins are communicated well.

Increased donations are great, but equally valuable is the engagement nonprofits create with those fundraisers, who have turned from donors to ambassadors for their organisation. At the same time, the nonprofit is connected with new donors they would not have been able to address themselves and has a chance to engage them further for future campaigns.

Fundraising can also be done in a team, like the Rothar Africa (on ammado or Facebook) cycling team raising money for Room to Read and MSF, which will grow the network again.


Setting up a call to "start fundraising"

Nonprofits can easily create a call to "start fundraising" on ammado without any investment. All they need to do is share this "start fundraising" link to their ammado account:


The 6-digit ID (in red), is the nonprofit's ammado ID, which dictates it as the beneficiary of the fundraising page. To get their own "start fundraising" link, nonprofits simply replace the number (in red) at the end with their own ammado ID. This number is found in the permalink* of their ammado profile (in the above example the ecoLeap Foundation at https://www.ammado.com/nonprofit/145803).

*To find the permalink , visit the nonprofits profile on ammado and click the #     Screen Shot 2014 03 24 at 16.36.45

The "start fundraising" link with the nonprofit's ID at the end can be shared on the nonprofits homepage, blog, Facebook, twitter, etc or on a partner website like on this Marathon run page. Everyone following this link will create a fundraiser on ammado as shown below with the nonprofit as the predefined beneficiary and can start fundraising right away.

This again will create great content for the nonprofit to share the individual fundraising stories on their social media accounts and generate momentum around the fundraising campaign. 

ecoleap fundraisig

So go ahead and create your own call to "start fundraising" for your organisation or an organisation you care about. Contact me with any help you may need.

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