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Music of David Bowie Concert Fundraising on Ammado in Support of Children's Charities

Posted by Lena Jansen on Mar 31, 2016 3:23:54 PM


On April 1st, Blondie and the Pixies take to the stage of Radio City Music Hall in New York City alongside Mumford and Sons and other leading performers in tribute to the legendary David Bowie, who passed away in January.

Fans from across the globe can access the live stream of this sold-out concert by making a minimum donation online through global donation platform Ammado.

The sold-out celebration event features up to 18 influential artists with a set-list devoted to classic Bowie songs. Tony Visconti, Bowie’s long-time producer/collaborator, has signed on to lead the house band.

The Music of David Bowie is the 12th event in Michael Dorf’s “music of” series, which raises funds for music education programs serving underprivileged kids. The concert will be streamed live with the help of the Melodic Caring Project, a non-profit organization that streams live concert events to children in their hospital rooms. Skype will support as global promotion partner.

“Due to unprecedented interest in the David Bowie memorial concert in Radio City, we have teamed up with Skype and ammado to stream the concert around the world, in return for a small donation to our charity partners,” the show’s organizers announced, along with a list of its music-education beneficiaries. “We suggest a minimum donation equivalent to $20 or £15.” Read more about the David Bowie tribute shows in this article from The New York Times.

Fans all over the world can now share in this unparalleled global event combining music and charity in the memory of David Bowie.

In a world first, fans from across the globe can access the live stream of this sold-out concert by making a minimum donation online. Donations will be will be accepted in 86 currencies, 12 languages, and all major payment methods and divided across nine benefitting charities, all of which work with children through music.

The ammado team is honoured to support this unique event. In the first hours after announcing the live-stream of the David Bowie tribute show, ammado has processed donations in 17 different currencies from fans in more than 20 countries across the globe.

The stream will begin at 8PM EST, 1AM GMT Friday April 1st 2016. To access the live stream of the sold-out concert, make your donation at www.musicofdavidbowie.com.

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Top Reasons to Launch your own Marathon Fundraiser

Posted by Lena Jansen on Aug 21, 2015 3:29:00 PM


With the New York City, Chicago and Berlin Marathon just weeks away, athletes all over the world are preparing for 26.2 miles. Are you one of them? Have you thought about dedicating your race to a cause close to your heart? Here are our top reasons why you should launch your own marathon fundraiser today.

Reason #1: Impact

This year alone, Boston marathon runners have raised USD 28.3 million for 200 nonprofits. London marathon participants have broken the world record for one-day fundraising every year since 2007, supporting charities with over 50 million GBP in this year’s race alone for hundreds of causes. All those millions have been collected by peer-to-peer fundraising, which means people like you have asked people like your friends and family to donate to charities.

Sure, people give because they believe in the cause or are affected by it. They contribute because they are compassionate for those in need or like to give back to their community. But did you know that more often than any of the above, people say they donate because a friend asks them? Launching your own marathon fundraiser is an easy and engaging way to encourage your friends and family to give and make a difference. Individual online donations are EUR 107 on average, while fundraisers often collect more than EUR 1000 within a few months or even weeks.

By launching a marathon fundraiser, you can multiply your impact by asking for support from those around you.

Reason #2: Fun

Starting your own fundraiser is a fantastic way to use your talents and imagination. From dressing up like Queen Elizabeth to wearing nothing but a mankini, charity runners have raised money and awareness with their costumes. The most famous fundraiser running a marathon in costume is without a doubt Lloyd Scott. The former footballer had suffered from leukaemia in his late 20s completed the marathons in London, New York and Edinburgh wearing a 130lb deep-sea diving outfit in 2002 and 2003. In 2006, he ran London marathon wearing a full suit of armour and the 2008 event dressed as a 9ft robot.


Photo: Nils Jorgensen via The Guardian

Be creative – for some inspiration, have a look at these ideas and subscribe to our blog for marathon fundraiser tips in the next few weeks. Just enter your email in the field at the right hand side to subscribe.

Reason #3: Motivation

Launching a fundraiser for a challenge like running a marathon gives you a motivational boost – not just on the day of the event, but also during race preparation: “It gives you a great fillip as to why you’re going to do it. It’s not just about you running 26.2 miles. There’s all this money resting on you finishing,“ says Hugh Brasher, race director of the London marathon. Not to mention that changing your mind about participating is not an option anymore once you have enlisted supporters for your challenge and your cause.

Whether you are running 26.2 miles in Berlin, Chicago or New York City or participating in another athletic challenge: Knowing that your friends, family and co-workers all support you and your favourite cause might just give you that extra motivation when you need it.

Ready to launch your own marathon fundraiser? Do it today. We are happy to help.

Photo: Robert van der Wolk

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How to Combine Offline and Online Donations and Fundraising

Posted by Karsten Schulz on Feb 13, 2015 1:09:00 PM

While online donations and fundraising campaigns are a cost-effective and powerful fundraising channel, there sometimes is a need to add offline donations to a campaign. Fundraising sometimes takes place in cash through special events - and some people are just more comfortable making donations in person.

That's why ammado has developed a separate system of processing donations, specifically designed to accommodate donations made outside of ammado. In a nutshell, if you send ammado a list of your donations, we can process them for you.   

This way, these cash donations can be reflected in the online status and reports of a campaign and distributed to the nonprofits in a transparent and traceable way. The donors will even receive a email confirmation and can request a receipt from the nonprofit beneficiary, which ammado can provide.

The range of scenarios ammado's "batch donation" process caters for is very wide, for example:

  • Employees with no access to online connections or online payment tools collecting cash
  • Local fundraising events collecting cash: bake sale, bazaar or company anniversary
  • An ongoing collection for charity, i.e. a monthly deduction from the salaries of employees
  • Donations made through a shopping system; for example customers agreeing to add 1USD for charity to their shopping bill
  • Donating loyalty points


ammado will basically need a spreadsheet with the following information (*marking mandatory fields):

Donor First Name Donor Last Name Donor Country Donor Email Address* Currency* Amount* Beneficiary* ID Comment Anonymous*
John Bond IE jbond@example.com EUR 100 655 Great Cause No
Peter Baker US p.baker@demo.com USD 500 224 Deserving Cause Yes

ammado will then upload the data onto its system and (where relevant) invoice the total amount, i.e. from the company. The individual donors will receive an email and once the invoice is paid the money will be distributed to the different nonprofits in line with ammado's pay-out cycle. 

Also donations made directly to the nonprofits for example by cheque or in-kind donations can be added to a campaign on ammado. In this case ammado would not invoice the amount and accordingly, not be able to send a confirmation email or tax receipt, but the amount can be reflected in the status of a fundraiser.



This is a powerful way to integrate your offline fundraising with online campaigns on ammado to visualize the grand total globally and facilitate a receipting process for those donations. If matching is applied to the campaign the impact is even greater.

Read about the file format required in this process or contact us to discuss your ideas to use this unique capability on ammado.




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Online Video Gamers Aim to Raise $100K in 7-day Fundraising Marathon

Posted by Cli Conlon on Dec 18, 2014 12:07:31 AM

Kasper and Friends Online Fundraising.png
Kasper and Friends Quest for the Cause is an annual online video gaming charity marathon that brings together online video gaming talent to raise money for a cancer-related charity organization. A collaboration between Twitch broadcasters and YouTubers, the event is now in its 3rd year. This time organizers have set an ambitious target of raising 100,000 USD for the American Cancer Society and will facilitate donations from all over the world through global donation platform ammado.
The marathon will last forVideo Game Fundraising more than 168 hours and will feature over 60 broadcasters and content producers providing non-stop entertainment and doing some silly things in an attempt to reach their fundraising target. Each gamer has a 3-hour live-streamed, gaming session with various challenges and incentives to donate. For example, one will take Guitar Hero requests for a $5 donation; another will shave his beard if donations on his shift reach $500. Some gamers have even offered to match donations made during their shift.


Since the marathon launched, on December 12th, more than 770 people from 21 countries have donated, with online donations via ammado totaling almost 29,000 USD at the time of publishing. Along with making online donations, supporters can also raise funds by buying the official event track produced by Popskyy, purchasing an Official T-shirt created by Twitch and Teespring or by buying a limited edition handmade plushy of the mascot, Peeko. For those that are unable to purchase or donate to the event, the organisers are also donating all advertisement revenue made during the event (shown at the end of every 3 hour shift) to the American Cancer Society.

You can watch live and/or make a donation at: http://KasperAndFriends.com and follow the action on twitter with #Q4TC. Online donations are facilitated through ammado's API, to see what's possible through the API please visit: https://api.ammado.com

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Asking for Donations on Facebook can work

Posted by Karsten Schulz on Apr 4, 2014 3:03:00 PM

by Karsten Schulz

To be successful in online fundraising, nonprofits and fundraisers need to engage with donors and must continuously come up with new forms of asking for donations. There is no doubt that social media platforms are a key tool to stay engaged with donors, nurture the donor base and actually receive donations. Different social media platforms will address different donor segments but certainly Facebook is a vital channel in any nonprofits online media portfolio.

Facebook is a cost-efficient way to create an appealing online fundraising presence:

  • A Facebook account and page costs nothing to set up
  • No costs for website development or design
  • Sharing information is for free and can reach a large audience virally
  • Online advertising is relatively cheap compared to other large online advertising tools

To create a Facebook page you need to have a Facebook account, log in and select "Create Page" from the arrow down navigation (top right hand corner). Next select either "Company, Organisation, Institution" and then "Non-Profit" or "Cause or Community" if you want to fundraise on behalf of a Nonprofit.

Pages can also be seen by non-members of Facebook.


 create a page

2 elements for success

The 2 main elements for successfull fundraising on Facebook are engaging content shared virally through Facebook's sharing and campaign tools and an easy and an integrated donation experience.


Which Facebook app to choose?

There are a number of Facebook donation apps available that can be put up on your page as the last thing you want to do is sending potential donors to a different website to donate. The power of Facebook lies in the network and the ability to share information and stories. Giving your supporters the ability to donate in this environment and share their activity really leverages the network power of Facebook.

When choosing an app, evaluation should not just be based on its Facebook integration but should also consider the payment tools, currencies, languages and admin backend, depending on the donor segments and territories you are targeting.

Caritas for example is using the ammado Giving app on Facebook as it is the same tool they are using on their website and hence backend management and reporting are in one place.

caritas1                 caritas2
A Donate-Button will be added to the Navigation of the Facebook page    and open the ammado Giving Widget

When a donation is made through the widget, donor can allow this donation to be posted onto their own timeline (without disclosing the amount donated) to be shared within all their friends. This is an incredibly powerful promotion and reference especially when friends of the donor start engaging as well by liking, commenting or even donating.


Plan International, the Philippine Red Cross and the Red Crescent Pakistan are also using this tool as well as the Runtastic Company Running Team and individual Fundraisers, like tennis-player Stanislav Wawrinka.

To set this up on your non-profit or fundraiser page on Facebook please follow this short guide.

So if you run a non-profit, grassroots or well-established, or you want to promote a nonprofit or a fundraiser you like, add the ammado Giving App Facebook. But remember, to be successful in your fundraising don't just add it, you need to promote and share it. Again and again...


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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising will multiply donations and donorbase

Posted by Karsten Schulz on Mar 25, 2014 8:22:00 AM

by Karsten Schulz

Thanks to online technology even small nonprofits can set up a website or Facebook page and add an online donations tool to it with very little effort. At the same time its still challenging for nonprofits to strike out, increase awareness and actually get donations.


Being online is not good enough. You have to ask!

To receive donations its not good enough to offer potential donors a way to donate online, you actually have to ask them ... several times. The most credible and convincing way to ask is through your existing supporters and donors. Their recommendation by setting up a fundraiser for a nonprofit, ideally underpinned by their commitment to complete a sporting or other (e.g. weight loss) challenge is a strong ask for donations. People in your supporters' networks are more likely to donate via a person they know and like than to most other "anonymous" calls for donations they receive.


Its like a bake sale: You need to promote the cake.

To make their fundraiser succesful your supporters have to create awareness and ask their own network to support them by blogging, tweeting, emailing and posting on social networks as much as possible. Again, all promotion should include a strong ask to actually donate.  


The network effect. Social.

While an average online donation on ammado is about 100 USD, the average individual fundraiser raises amounts above 1000 USD, with some fundraising totals going through the roof when campagins are communicated well.

Increased donations are great, but equally valuable is the engagement nonprofits create with those fundraisers, who have turned from donors to ambassadors for their organisation. At the same time, the nonprofit is connected with new donors they would not have been able to address themselves and has a chance to engage them further for future campaigns.

Fundraising can also be done in a team, like the Rothar Africa (on ammado or Facebook) cycling team raising money for Room to Read and MSF, which will grow the network again.


Setting up a call to "start fundraising"

Nonprofits can easily create a call to "start fundraising" on ammado without any investment. All they need to do is share this "start fundraising" link to their ammado account:


The 6-digit ID (in red), is the nonprofit's ammado ID, which dictates it as the beneficiary of the fundraising page. To get their own "start fundraising" link, nonprofits simply replace the number (in red) at the end with their own ammado ID. This number is found in the permalink* of their ammado profile (in the above example the ecoLeap Foundation at https://www.ammado.com/nonprofit/145803).

*To find the permalink , visit the nonprofits profile on ammado and click the #     Screen Shot 2014 03 24 at 16.36.45

The "start fundraising" link with the nonprofit's ID at the end can be shared on the nonprofits homepage, blog, Facebook, twitter, etc or on a partner website like on this Marathon run page. Everyone following this link will create a fundraiser on ammado as shown below with the nonprofit as the predefined beneficiary and can start fundraising right away.

This again will create great content for the nonprofit to share the individual fundraising stories on their social media accounts and generate momentum around the fundraising campaign. 

ecoleap fundraisig

So go ahead and create your own call to "start fundraising" for your organisation or an organisation you care about. Contact me with any help you may need.

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